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Women's Health 

Whether you are a woman in childbearing years or are menopausal, physiotherapy can offer you help or give you advice on prevention with various problems such as:

Incontinence: If you leak urine at any time for any reason, whether it is because you can not make it to the bathroom on time or its when you laugh, cough or sneeze or exercise; you may leak during sex or you simply just can not hold your “water”:

Pain: including pelvic, back and hip pain as well as pain during sexual intercourse.

Post-surgical: If you have had any surgery to the abdominal region (including cesarean section, hysterectomy or cosmetic surgery) or to the breasts (including cancer management or cosmetic surgery for breast reduction or augmentation) we can help to restore range of motion, strength and or manage any residual pain due to scar adhesion.

Pre/Postpartum: back pain, pubic symphysis pain, incontinence, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other postural dysfunction. Scar management of an episiotomy or cesarean section. Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and core.

TENS for use during labour: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) machines are rented out for women to use as an alternative to pain relief during labour and delivery.  

Woman's Health Brochure: For more information regarding Women's Health please download our brochure